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Author: PriceK

Cleaning your kitchen is essential. You’re constantly preparing food in there, either instant or homemade and regardless of how spotless your cutlery and your plates are, it all means nothing if your food is prepared in a dirty space.

It is important to regularly clean your kitchen countertops with warm soapy water as germs can easily spread through the contact of raw foods, mouldy foods and condensation. However it is also incredibly important to clean any drawers, knobs and handles, as they are often overlooked.

It is easy not to look twice at the oven knob so often twisted on and off, but grime and sweat can build up over just a matter of weeks. Plus if you are constantly changing the temperature, or grabbing a knife from a drawer with dirty hands, they can get really gross.

Solve these grimy problems by wiping your drawer and fridge handles down with warm, soapy water with a little bit of vinegar mixed in, then dab them dry. For your oven knobs it is useful to pull the knobs off and then soak them in a bowl of vinegar or spray them with vinegar to help dislodge any rusted in dirt. Then scrub them and leave them to dry before using again.

Voila! Clean, sparkling handles and knobs that may just save you some nasty tummy bugs!

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