It’s Pancake Day!

Author: PriceK
Shrove Tuesday comes but once a year, and aren’t we all glad when it does?! There’s nothing quite as nice as freshly made pancakes to brighten up a cold Tuesday in February. From farmhouse kitchens in Surrey to high gloss urban kitchen spaces in the City, the air will be filled with the tempting aroma of pancakes on 9th February this year. If you would…
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Shrove Tuesday – Simple Pancake Recipe

Author: Kerri
Today is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day and also the day when most of the average population pull their baking gloves on, step into their beautiful contemporary kitchens and attempt to make a couple of pancakes in celebration of Shrove Tuesday. The braver would-be chefs will attempt to flip the pancakes, some will succeed and some will fail. There are countless recipes online…
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